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FMTuk- who are we?


The Family Mediation Team UK is a growing network of independent family professionals working together in regional inter-disciplinary teams, in and outside the mediation process, to enable separating couples to make their own decisions, reach their own agreements and avoid court.


We all believe that, by working and training closely together, we can help most separating and divorcing couples to avoid court, reach their own decisions, sort out their own child arrangements, make their own financial agreements and, all in a very cost effective way, through an integrated mediation team approach.


We work and train in inter-disciplinary teams, applying and combining our various skills and experience in a way which most effectively supports the couple who wish to carry on parenting their children together and to reach their own financial arrangements, following separation.

We are constantly exploring new and better ways of working together to provide the separating couple with the right professional help and resource they need, at the point they need it most, in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We call this process MEDIATION TEAMING

By a commitment to this mediation team approach (See our Commitment Charter), we have been able to help the vast majority of our clients work together to make their own decisions, reach their own agreements, for themselves and their children and, all for a fraction of the cost of court proceedings.

We include -

Family Mediators

Family mediators are chosen for their expertise in domestic dispute and conflict resolution, and their ability to work with a ride range of other family experts in and outside the mediation process.

Child Psychologist and Therapists

Child psychologists and therapists chosen for their ability to work in a wide range of situations, in and outside mediation.

Financial experts

Financial experts including Actuaries, Accountants, Financial advisers and property valuers, all of whom are at the top of their professions and chosen for their problem solving approach.

Family solicitors

Family solicitors are all experts in children and money issues and dedicated to supporting their clients through mediation.

Therapists and counsellors

Therapists and counsellors specialising in couple and individual therapy and support, as couples move through separation and beyond.


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