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John Hind
Preparing for Mediation

John Hind, founder of FMTuk, talks about preparing for mediation.

John Hind
Separation Challenge

John Hind, founder of FMTuk, talks about the emotions associated with separation.

John Hind
Getting the ball rolling

John Hind talks about the first telephone enquiries about mediation.

John Hind
What do mediators do?

John Hind, founder of FMTuk talks about what mediator do.

John Hind
What is mediation?

John Hind, Founder of FMTuk explains what mediation is by beginning with the outcomes.

John Hind
What is a MIAM?

John Hind, John Hind, founder of FTMuk, talks about the MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) and why it is so important.

John Hind
Thinking about mediation

John Hind, founder of FMTuk, explains how to think about mediation.

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